Title: BDD and ZDD Libarayry for Ruby


Ryutaro KURAI (Hatena Co., Ltd.)


In this talk I will introduce the libarary of BDD and ZDD. BDDs (Binary Decision Diagrams) are graph-based representations of Boolean functions, now widely used in system design and verification. Zero-suppressed BDDs (ZDDs) are a special type of BDDs that are suitable for handling large-scale sets of combinations. Using BDDs and ZDDs, I will show you the solution for n-Queen problem and the some of Datamining problems.


July 17, 2009


Conference Room(1st Floor)

Speaker Profile

A Web Application Engineer of Hatena Co., Ltd.

Presentation Material

(Sorry, currently not available)

Video footage

Rubyで楽しむBDD,ZDD (1/2) - 倉井 龍太郎

Rubyで楽しむBDD,ZDD (2/2) - 倉井 龍太郎

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