Title: Design and Implementation of Programing Language with Static Typing


Kazunori Hashimoto、Masato Kiyama


Ruby has characteristic with dynamic typing, so we don’t have to be aware of type. But dynamic typing has disadvantages, the processing time is long and the program has lower reliability. Because type checking is executed at runtime. But static typing has advantages, processing time is fast and the program has high reliability. Because type checking is executed before runtime. Therefore we design and implement a programming language with static typing like Ruby. And we implement type inference because of keeping Ruby’s advantage.


July 17, 2009


Conference Room(1st Floor)

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静的型付けを持ったRubyっぽい言語の設計と実装 (1/3) - 橋本和典

静的型付けを持ったRubyっぽい言語の設計と実装 (2/3) - 橋本和典

静的型付けを持ったRubyっぽい言語の設計と実装 (3/3) - 橋本和典

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