Title: Let’s start open source development! -It will lead you to promising results-


Akihiro Matsumura(TIS Inc./SonicGarden), Yuuichi Kuroda(Mitsubishi UFJ Information Technology, Ltd.)


SKIP has been accessible to the public for about a year now. The progress on the “SKIP open source development project,” led by the SKIP user group, will be shared in this session. The session will shed exclusive light on how SKIP, an open source internal corporate SNS, has been welcomed, utilized and improved since public accessibility. Additionally, “SKIP-Wiki,” a new open source initiative developed in collaboration with several companies, will be discussed to the depth of how it has been managed and where it is headed.


July 18, 2009


Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall

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オープンソース開発を始めよう - 松村 章弘、黒田 雄一

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