Title: The innate beauty of Ramaze


Michael Fellinger and Tadahiko Uehara


The Ramaze web-framework received a major overhaul in the beginning of 2009, now it wraps around the functionality provided by Innate, which again integrates tightly with Rack. The purpose of this presentation is to give an overview of Ramaze and Innate, and how it can help you ease the pain of web-development without abandoning the ideals that Ruby stands for. We will also show the evolution from a tiny rack app to a larger Ramaze app and how we tried to stay agnostic of particular approaches and practices.


July 18, 2009


Conference Room(2nd Floor)

Speaker Profile

Michael Fellinger is co-founder of The Rubyists LLC. and works as CTO in diverse areas around telephony, system-administation, and web development, always trying to improve the world. He is creator and maintainer of the Ramaze and Innate web application frameworks and several other open-source libraries. For 5 years now he is enjoying the freedom that Ruby provides. When he's not just hacking you might find him spending time with his family or on IRC (#ramaze on freenode). He lives in Japan/Tokyo since 2006.

Tadahiko Uehara is an addicted user and a committer of Ramaze.He has been working as a freelance 3D artist in the field of Film, TV and Video Games for more than 10 years. In recent years, his interest has moved toward Information Technology and had chosen Ruby and Ramaze as his favorite tools.He will be sharing his user point of view for Ramaze. (In Japanese)

Presentation Material

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Video footage

The innate beauty of Ramaze (1/2) - Michael Fellinger and Tadahiko Uehara

The innate beauty of Ramaze (2/2) - Michael Fellinger and Tadahiko Uehara

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