Title: Sinatra: The Framework Within


Aaron Quint (Quirkey NYC, LLC.)


Sinatra has been getting a lot of hype lately as the next great (micro)-framework. In writing apps, diving in, and contributing the reasons for its existence have become more clear. Sinatra is not just a toy or a neat trick, it's the best way to create simple and non-obtrusive web interfaces to sit on top of a new or existing ruby codebase. Sinatra is not a framework - Its a library. My conceit is that Sinatra's greatest achievement will be empowering other ruby projects the ability to 'speak web' and communicate to users and developers through the browser. I'll walk through the basics of Sinatra and give a number of examples of how to make quick use of Sinatra to give your project a light but powerful interface.


July 18, 2009


Conference Room(2nd Floor)

Speaker Profile

Aaron Quint is a web developer based in Brooklyn, NY. Working with Ruby and Ruby on Rails he's launched over 25 different web applications in the last 2 years. Recently he's been releasing open source projects at http://code.quirkey.com including the sinatra skeleton generator, sinatra-gen, and the JavaScript micro-framework Sammy.js.

Presentation Material

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Video footage

Sinatra: The Framework Within (1/2) - Aaron Quint

Sinatra: The Framework Within (2/2) - Aaron Quint

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