Title: JRuby Update 2009


Thomas Enebo, Nick Sieger (Sun Microsystems)


JRuby, the implementation of Ruby atop the JVM, has become a dependable alternative for deploying production Ruby applications. We'll give an update on the state of JRuby, the latest developments in the community, and highlight some new and interesting ways that people are using JRuby in the world today.


July 18, 2009


Conference Room(2nd Floor)

Speaker Profile

Thomas Enebo has been working with Java since 1997 and co-leading the JRuby project since 2003. Enebo is working to make JRuby a piece of software that will capture the hearts and minds of Ruby and Java developers everywhere. His goal is to make JRuby the best possible JVM implementation of the Ruby language and to make the JVM the best possible host for all languages. Nick Sieger is the lead engineer behind Project Kenai, http://kenai.com/ , Sun's cloud collaboration service for developers deployed with JRuby on Rails. He created and co-maintains the JDBC adapter for ActiveRecord that JRuby on Rails uses for database connectivity and several other projects to improve the JRuby on Rails experience. He maintains a blog on Ruby and JRuby-related topics at http://blog.nicksieger.com/.

Presentation Material

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Video footage

JRuby Update 2009 (1/3) - Thomas Enebo, Nick Sieger

JRuby Update 2009 (2/3) - Thomas Enebo, Nick Sieger

JRuby Update 2009 (3/3) - Thomas Enebo, Nick Sieger

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