Title: Great BigTable and my toys


Masatoshi SEKI


Rinda is a Ruby implementation of Linda. The keywords that describe Rinda -- tuples, tuple space, distributed processing, Key-Value Storage -- reminds many people of MapReduce. I'm one of those people too. Therein, however, lies a trap. In this talk I will explore what I learnt from my experiences running a little application, with Rinda as a starting point, in this talk I will explore my experiences running an little application based on a MapReduce-oriented data structure.


July 18, 2009


Conference Room(1st Floor)

Speaker Profile

Programmer. Author of dRuby, ERB. My recent work is dRuby and Rinda: Implementation and Application of Distributed Ruby and its Parallel Coordination Mechanism. Kire-to lemon-horic.

Presentation Material


Video footage

偉大なBigTableとぼくのおもちゃ (1/2) - 関 将俊

偉大なBigTableとぼくのおもちゃ (2/2) - 関 将俊

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