Title: concov: continuous test coverage viewer


Yusuke Endoh (Theoretical Science Group)


Test coverage describes the degree to which the source code of a program has been tested. While test coverage is increased temporarily by writing tests, coverage tends to drop gradually if the tests are not enough maintained continuously. However, it is annoying to manually find code no longer tested. We present ``concov'', continuous test coverage viewer, which allows us to comprehend continuous changes of coverage by using continuous integration. Concov helps us find coverage-degraded points and raises developpers' awareness of the software testing.


July 18, 2009


Conference Room(1st Floor)

Speaker Profile

One of Ruby committer who claims to be a `test maintainer' of Ruby core

Presentation Material


Video footage

concov: 時系列に注目したテストカバレッジビューア (1/2) - 遠藤 侑介

concov: 時系列に注目したテストカバレッジビューア (2/2) - 遠藤 侑介

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