Title: Keynote Address: Ruby, Nihon Ruby-no-Kai and me


Masayoshi Takahashi (Twinspark Co. Ltd. / Nihon Ruby-no-kai)


As a older Rubyist, I will talk about the change of Ruby and change of mine caused by Ruby. Futhermore, as president of Nihon Ruby no Kai (Japan Ruby Group), I will talk about the past and future of the group.


July 19, 2009


Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall

Speaker Profile

Masayoshi Takahashi is web application developer of Twinspark Co. Ltd. in Shibuya. He is also the founder and president of Nihon Ruby-no-kai.

Presentation Material

(Sorry, currently not available)

Video footage

Rubyと私、そして日本Rubyの会 (1/4) - 高橋 征義

Rubyと私、そして日本Rubyの会 (2/4) - 高橋 征義

Rubyと私、そして日本Rubyの会 (3/4) - 高橋 征義

Rubyと私、そして日本Rubyの会 (4/4) - 高橋 征義

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