Title: Take the Red Pill


KAKUTANI Shintaro(Nihon Ruby-no-kai || Eiwa System Management,Inc.)


Martin Fowler says: "they were right there in the values of Ward, Kent, and all the other people who've been advocating clean code, well-factored object-oriented design, and testability...in Ruby-land then are the orthodoxy." How about that in Ruby community in Japan? I'd like to talk about "the orthodoxy" from my perspective that formed through my Ruby and Agile software devleopment experience.


July 19, 2009


Conference Room(2nd Floor)

Speaker Profile

Kakutani Shintaro is a just another strong Ruby proponent, chief programmer in Eiwa System Management,Inc and an exective memger of Nihon Ruby-no-kai. He is one of the organizers of RubyKaigi since 2006. He have translated some english technical book into japanese: "Agile Estimating and Planning"(co-translator), "Interface Oriented Design"(suporvisor), "Practices of an Agile Developer"(co-suporvisor) and "From Java to Ruby"(translator).

Presentation Material


Video footage

Take the Red Pill (1/4) - 角谷 信太郎

Take the Red Pill (2/4) - 角谷 信太郎

Take the Red Pill (3/4) - 角谷 信太郎

Take the Red Pill (4/4) - 角谷 信太郎

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