Title: All about Erubis


Makoto Kuwata


Erubis is the fastest and multifunctional eRuby library. In this session, the author of Erubis introduces features of Erubis, issues other eRuby libraries have, and how to solved that issues by Erubis. In addition, I'll discuss about the future and ideal style of template system for web application. I hope you will know that there are many things to consider about eRuby and presentation layer.


July 19, 2009


Conference Room(1st Floor)

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Erubis徹底解説 (1/3) - 桑田 誠

Erubis徹底解説 (2/3) - 桑田 誠

Erubis徹底解説 (3/3) - 桑田 誠

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