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How To Create A Beautiful Template Engine Which Never Breaks HTML


Makoto Kuwata (programmer)


One of the biggest challenges in modern web application development is the difficulty of collaborating with web designers. For example, eRuby requires Ruby code to be embedded inside template files, often resulting in broken HTML designs, making life difficult for web designers. To solve this problem, various template engines which don't break HTML have been created. The trade off of these template engines, however, is that they sacrifice other features such as performance or usability.

In this session, a template engine that doesn't break HTML while also preserving performance and usability will be introduced. This session will also explore a variety of problems relating to template engines, such as the problems with techniques used in existing template engines, and whether simple "not breaking" HTML designs is sufficient. This will be definitive session about template engines for web application development. If you are interested in web design, you must attend this session.


    2010-08-29 15:30 - 16:00


    Convention Hall 200

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