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Lightning Talks are 11 x 5minutes talk in a 60 minutes time slot

  1. ruby trunk changes - Statistics Edition In this presentation, I will show the statistic analysis of changes in CRuby's repository in last 11 month based on categorizing them. I will reveal the reality of CRuby's development: How many bugfixs and enhancements are committed, etc... , Tomoyuki Chikanaga (Yokohama.rb)
  2. Operating System made by Ruby I build "RubyOS". Almost all parts of the OS will be wrote by Ruby and works in x86 architecture. Now, my ruby 1.9 interpreter(except some parts) works directly on x86 without OS, and ruby code run on this. I will show the demo that irb-like program is running on my Ruby interpreter. , Yoshihara Haruka (Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.)
  3. Connecting Japanese Rubyists with the World #TODO , Paul McMahon (Tokyo Rubyist Meetup)
  4. The Limited Red Society During an hour of programming what do you learn about your performance? How did that last refactoring go? How does that hour compare to the previous hour? How about against last week or last month? How are your habits as a programmer improving? How does your refactoring pattern differ from a masters? Professional Tennis players learn from detailed statistics about how they performed in a game and use this information to become better players. Why don't we do the same in Programming? I want to demonstrate how we can, especially how we as individual programmers can help limit the time we spend in the red (failing tests). How long we spend in the red and how often can reflect on how we are working as programmers. , Joseph Wilk (Songkick.com)
  5. how to use more convenient "rurema" #TODO , niku (Ruby Sapporo)
  6. James: An electronic butler that you can talk to. #TODO , Florian Hanke (Melbourne University)
  7. Yet Another "ASP.NET MVC 3 vs. Ruby on Rails 3" Comparison of ASP.NET MVC 3 and Ruby on Rails 3 , Youhei Kondou (http://phosphor-escence.blogspot.com/)
  8. Rios Proxy - A Proxy Framework for Command Line Interfaces #TODO , Masafui Oyamada (ClearCode Inc. / University of Tsukuba)
  9. The technology behind rubykaigi.org #TODO , Ryoichi SEKIGUCHI (DeNA Co., Ltd.)
  10. A Hayabusa-speed talk about living under the MacRuby rainbow #TODO , Eloy Durán & Vincent Isambart (MacRuby core contributors *and* procrastinators.)
  11. Recollections of erb, again. #TODO , Masatoshi SEKI (druby.org)

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Tomoyuki Chikanaga

Yoshihara Haruka

Paul McMahon


Joseph Wilk


Florian Hanke

Youhei Kondou

Masafui Oyamada



Eloy Durán & Vincent Isambart

Masatoshi SEKI



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