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Ruby powering 9 million dining tables


Kenta Hashimoto(COOKPAD Inc.)


Do you know the website that 45% of Japanese women in their 30's are
using regularly?
COOKPAD (cookpad.com) is the world's greatest user-generated recipe
site with 9.8 million monthly users and over 800 thousand recipes.
So what is the reason for its continued growth as the largest Ruby on
Rails site in Japan?
Kenta Hashimoto, our CTO, will introduce you to our practical
technology and development environment.

We will focus on these 3 points:

・Ruby; the value proposition for COOKPAD
・How we scale and develop COOKPAD
・COOKPAD from the eyes of non-Japanese engineers

The slides will be in English, and the lecture will be given in
Japanese, so non-Japanese are more than welcome to participate.

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12:00-12:50 - 'Ruby powering 9 million dining tables'
12:50-13:20 - Q&A and Lunch time(Please bring your lunch)

COOKPAD has branch offices in the US, and is always eager to take in
engineers regardless of nationality. We would appreciate participation
of non-Japanese technicians interested in working with a Japanese

Cookpad Developer Blog


    2010-08-29 12:00 - 13:30



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