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Feels Like Ruby


Sarah Mei (Pivotal Labs)


For a Rubyist, writing Javascript is the worst part of working on a Ruby web application. Those clean, modern UIs are often made possible by incredibly complex Javascript. The helpers inevitably get in the way, and you end up writing most of it by hand.

It is painful.

But you can make writing Javascript code feel more like writing Ruby code. I will show techniques that go beyond "unobtrusive" and turn Javascript into a first-class citizen in your Ruby application. Make your Javascript more joyful!


    2010-08-27 14:00 - 14:30


    Convention Hall 200

    Speaker Profile

    Sarah Mei has spent most of the last dozen years writing code, and
    most of the last four doing Ruby. She's a developer at Pivotal Labs,
    and a pair programming fangirl. She spends a lot of her free time
    showing people of all ages and backgrounds how awesome programming is
    - especially, of course, with Ruby.

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