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geemus (Wesley Beary)(Engine Yard)


I've written "a lot of code":http://github.com/geemus, both hobby and work, over the last year, and looking back I can't help but think that writing code for yourself is easy; it's writing code for others can be tough. In this session, I'll share some examples of good and bad practices gathered in my years writing code and libraries, and discuss how to get past being too close to the problem. I'll talk specifically about growing your work into something anybody (and hopefully everybody) will use.


    2010-08-27 14:30 - 15:00


    Convention Hall 200

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    geemus (Wesley Beary) [github.com/geemus] is an avid Rubyist and Open Source enthusiast. When not spending his spare time working on enumerable overly ambitious open source projects he spends his days developing the Engine Yard Cloud [http://www.engineyard.com/pro....

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