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Coding for fun, and having fun coding


tenderlove (AT&T Interactive)


Programming for fun, or having fun programming. Ruby is the best language for both! Let's talk about programming after we've punched out from work, the programming we can do while drinking a beer, and the programming we can do to make our friends laugh. We'll take a look at projects built for fun, as well as projects built to have fun! We'll dissect them to figure out what makes them tick, then
extract techniques that we can use with our day to day tasks.


    2010-08-27 18:00 - 19:00


    Convention Hall 200

    Speaker Profile

    Aaron Patterson:

    Mild mannered Rubyist by day, and culinary superhero by night. When
    Aaron isn’t ruining people’s lives by writing software like phuby,
    enterprise, and neversaydie, he can be found writing slightly more
    useful software like nokogiri. To keep up his Gameboy Lifestyle, Aaron
    spends his weekdays writing high quality software for ATTi. Be sure to
    catch him on Karaoke night, where you can watch him sing his favorite
    smooth rock hits of the 70’s and early 80’s.

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