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Monthly 'toRuby' workshop in Tsukuba


Shouichi Nakauchi (toRuby)


Monthly 'toRuby' workshop that always holds in Nasu area comes to here Tsukuba and holds the same workshop as usual. Since we are going to prepare some subject maters, you will be able to enjoy programing Ruby. Please bring your PC for Ruby programing.

The Nasu area is located in an only 150km north direction from Tokyo. Nasu is Tochigi-ken Nasushiobara city formally. 'to' of toTuby is 'To' of Tochigi-ken. Now, we are having programming and a discussion using the book of Mr. Masatoshi Seki's dRuby. Please look at http://pub.cozmixng.org/~the-... for details. (This page is Japanese only.) Moreover, also about the contents of our event performed by RubyKaigi, we are going to notify in the above-mentioned website. Thank you.


    2010-08-27 14:00 - 16:00



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