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Building Real Time Web


Makoto Inoue (New Bamboo (London, UK))


The real time web is not about adding chat on your website. It's not really about having stock tickers. The most interesting aspect of the realtime web is to be found in augmenting the web that we already know. We can add realtime functionally to our applications as another layer of fidelity.
This is our story (New Bamboo, London, UK) of experimenting various real time web technologies and coming up with our own solutions (http://www.pusherapp.com). This is not about explaining how to use our solutions, but about sharing exciting opportunities and new technical challenges HTML5 WebSocket brings when you build real time web.


    2010-08-27 15:30 - 16:00


    Main Convention Hall

    Speaker Profile

    Makoto Inoue (New Bamboo)
    Rubyist living in London since 2004 (though did not know about Ruby when I was in Japan. Sorry..)
    ex-DBA(Sybase). Co-organises London Javascript Meetup, London NoSQL Summer. Hosts Tokyo Cabinet Wiki. Currently toying around with Golang.

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