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The spread of enterprise Ruby at hot spot SHIMANE


Hiroshi Yoshioka (TechnoProject Ltd.)


In Matsue City and SHIMANE prefecture of local government, many common business systems began to remake by Ruby/Rails since 2007. Now, the wave of Ruby/Rails spreads to enterprise system fields and prepheral regions. Based many experience and results, how to built up the enterprise systems by Ruby/Rails, how to built up the long term maintenance systems, challenging to high productivty and another Agile development.


    2010-08-29 15:00 - 15:30


    Main Convention Hall

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    Hiroshi Yoshioka (TechnoProject LTD. & Matsukei LTD. Both CEO)
    I am born in 1953.It started from the development of the middleware, and SI and a lot of package developments and application such as finance and public in the field were commanded in the first line.
    A lot of environments have been experienced from the mainframe to the CSS・Web application program.

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