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Asakusa.rb in Tsukuba


Akira Matsuda (Asakusa.rb)


During RubyKaigi, you'll find tons of foreign Ruby Stars and Book writers here in Tsukuba. Why don't we directly tell them our questions, requirements, and of course, our deep appreciation, since these days are only once a year and are a very special chance for us. OK, of course we're all willing to tell them, but we know it's very hard to do so. We can hardly distinguish who's who, maybe we lack the courage to talk to them, especially when there's a language barrier between us. So, Asakusa.rb are producing a special event which aims to help introduce everybody to one another and facilitate communicate. We're having live discussions with, for example, the creators of Rails 3, the author of "The Passionate Programmer", guys from the crazy "Ruby Brigade" Seattle.rb, and lot of other foreign super Ruby Stars who are sticking around here. C'mon everybody, let's get together and talk about "your" Ruby!


    2010-08-29 12:00 - 13:30



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