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How libraries in Japan use Ruby - "Next-L Enju" and "NDL Search"


In 2011, some libraries in Japan introduced "Next-L Enju". It is an open-source library management system built on Ruby on Rails and developed by a community of librarians and researchers. Also it is one of the components of "NDL Search" which is a new library catalog provided by National Diet Library, the largest library in Japan. I'd like to talk about why the libraries choose Ruby, and how they develop the library system that includes several million book records. Next-L Enju: https://github.com/nabeta/next-l NDL Search: http://iss.ndl.go.jp/

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Kosuke Tanabe

Project Next-L / Keio Univeristy

a member of "Project Next-L', a voluntary project to develop an open-source library management system / Doctoral student at Keio University



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