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DISCLAIMER: THIS TALK WILL BE NON-TECHNICAL RUBY TOPICS AND VERY SPECIFIC TO THE CONTEXT IN JAPAN.if you are non-Japanese Rubyist, you would be better off to go to the sub hall in this slot.they will be give a technical talk, so it's okay if you cannot understand Japanese well :) why don't they give talks in main hall instead of him? -- hmm, he, kakutani is kinda "charismatic" presentation guy in Ruby community in Japan(hehe). Anyway, he'll talk about Dave "pragmatic" Thomas and Ruby Community in Japan. What should we do with the world without RubyKaigi(as we know it)?

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Kakutani Shintaro

Nihon Ruby-no-kai(Japan Ruby Group), Eiwa System Management, Inc.

Kakutani Shintaro is a just another strong Ruby proponent, chief programmer in Eiwa System Management, Inc, a board member of Nihon Ruby-no-kai(Japan Ruby Group) and a core member of Asakusa.rb. He is one of the organizers of RubyKaigi since 2006. He have translated some english technical book into japanese: "Agile Samurai"(co-supervisor), "Agile Estimating and Planning"(co-translator), "Interface Oriented Design"(supervisor), "Practices of an Agile Developer"(co-supervisor) and "From Java to Ruby"(translator).



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