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All About RubyKaigi Ecosystem


This talk will be very specific to the context for Ruby communities in Japan. we'll discuss about RubyKaigi, Regional RubyKaigi and Regional Ruby Communities in Japan.

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Koji Shimada

EnishiTech Inc., RubySapporo, Nihon Ruby-no-kai

Koji Shimada (Enishi Tech Inc.) The President & CEO of Enishi Tech Inc., board member of Nihon Ruby-no-kai(Japan Ruby Group) and Founder of RubySapporo. Wrote the book "Ruby逆引きレシピ" (with other authors, published by SHOEISHA) and translated Neal Ford's "ProductiveProgrammer" into Japanese (supervisor, The Japanese version, "プロダクティブ・プログラマ" was published by O'Reilly Japan).


Toshiaki KOSHIBA

EC Navi Company, TokyoRubyKaigi05 Chairman

Software Engineer. like: Excel, Ruby, UML, DFD, Agile Development, Project Facilitation


Kakutani Shintaro

Nihon Ruby-no-kai(Japan Ruby Group), Eiwa System Management, Inc.

Kakutani Shintaro is a just another strong Ruby proponent, chief programmer in Eiwa System Management, Inc and board member of Nihon Ruby-no-kai(Japan Ruby Group). He is one of the organizers of RubyKaigi since 2006. He have translated some english technical book into japanese: "Agile Samurai"(supervisor), "Agile Estimating and Planning"(co-translator), "Interface Oriented Design"(supervisor), "Practices of an Agile Developer"(co-supervisor) and "From Java to Ruby"(translator).



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