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Fujitsu Social Science Laboratory Limited (Fujitsu SSL) provides the solutions that all business need, named PoweredSolution. We can build an IT infrastructure that best suits your business. In addition , we provides OSS(Open Source Software) support service to your business.


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Eiwa System Management,Inc.

Eiwa System Management(ESM),Inc. is one of the best company building cutting-edge Ruby/Rails application with agile software development methods in Japan. We are maximizing client's return on investment.We also passionately support Ruby communities in Japan since 2006.


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COOKPAD adopted Ruby on Rails in 2008 when redesigning their user generated recipe site cookpad.com. Since then, the service has continued to grow, and as the biggest Rails site in Japan, serves 490 million page views to over 10 million unique users per month. COOKPAD is an agile organization and embraces the latest technologies and techniques to always provide the greatest value to their users.


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ConnectStar Co., Ltd.

Create services to "Make the world a better place" with "Ruby"! ConnectStar is newly established on Apr 2011 as a group of Members Co., Ltd. We started "Project F30" to create 30 innovative services based on Facebook platform in three years.We adopt agile development with Rails3 for the quickestrelease. For further information of "Project F30", visit our Facebook page:www.facebook.com/project.F30


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ScaleOut Inc.

Scaleout Inc has built a powerful platform designed as ad technology infrastructure using Ruby on Rails!


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GREE, Inc.

GREE, Inc. has been operating a social networking service with over 25 million users. In this Apr, GREE, Inc. acquired OpenFeint, Inc., which has been managing one of the world's largest social gaming platforms with over 90 million users, developed based on Ruby. Engineers at both companies are developing together to realize a scalability which is capable of meeting daily expansion of user.


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salesforce.com, inc.

Salesforce.com is cloud services provider, recently merged Heroku which is advanced and productive PaaS for Ruby and Node.js. We support Ruby in enterprise and activities of Mr. Matz.To improve it, we plan to release a cloud database named "Database.com" in this year. It has Social functionality and modern authentication like OAuth. SOAP and REST also work to access it. Please try it and fun!


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