RubyKaigi 2013

RubyKaigi 2013


Ruby Sponsors

  • pixiv

    Since 2007, pixiv has built an online community for creators around the mantra “It’s fun drawing”. pixiv has since used Ruby on Rails to build (an international-focused version of and pixiv comic (a site offering free online digital comics/manga). Engineers all around the world have adopted Ruby - not just because Ruby is a superior language, but because of the immensely attractive community behind it. Just as the art on pixiv transcends language, so too does the Ruby community. We will continue to support the creators of the world, regardless of medium - code or canvas.


    COOKPAD is Japan’s top recipe site allowing visitors to upload and search through original, user-created recipes. Currently being used by almost 80-90% of all Japanese women in their 20-30s, COOKPAD has become an essential tool in enabling families to enjoy cooking across Japan.The access to the site reaches its peak around 4-5 PM when people start grocery shopping for the day’s dinner ingredients. Combined with our mobile and smartphone services which can be used on the go and in stores, COOKPAD plays a significant role in the shopping decisions that consumers make in their everyday lives.

Special Sponsors

  • Drink Sponsor

    Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

    Microsoft is emphasizing on securing of compatibility in the various technical domains. This is including the other companies development language (including OSS) on the Windows platform development operation environment maintenance as well. Implementation of the Ruby practice environment in .NET Framework or implementation of the Ruby practice environment of latest Microsoft development base cloud service Windows Azure are the representative example. Particularly there was new evolution including the Linux OS support for Windows Azure recently. Please keep eye on it for an broader action of future Microsoft.

  • Bento Sponsor


    Heroku’s platform as a service allows your organization to build faster, deploy instantly and scale on demand without managing servers. Gain the flexibility to deploy any language any time and to any scale. Maintain control by isolating, running and monitoring independent processes. Heroku makes it effortless. Sign up at

  • WiFi Sponsor


    DeNA is a global internet company with a number of game titles in Google Play’s top rankings, and we depend on Ruby for back-end development. We’re also releasing new services and contributing to the open source community, with the goal of delighting the world.

  • Signage Sponsor

    Ricoh Company, Ltd.

    Ricoh is a global technology company specializing in office imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT services. Headquartered in Tokyo, Ricoh Group operates in more than 200 countries and regions.

Platinum Sponsors

  • Engine Yard

    Engine Yard is the leading PaaS, empowering software application innovation more rapidly. With powerful infrastructure orchestration, strong support and service, Engine Yard provides a complete commercial grade PaaS that enables developers to focus on creating great applications.

  • paperboy&co., Inc.

    paperboy&co., Inc., under the corporate mission “Making the Net a lot more fun”, is providing a variety of Web services such as lolipop, Muu Muu Domain, and so on, and actively sponsoring development communities including Ruby.

  • Drecom Co., Ltd.

    We are planning and developing many types of services which are focusing on a word "communication" such as, mobile contents, internet advertising, etc. Now, our core businesses are [Social games], [Ad-solutions], and [Social learning].

Gold Sponsors

  • Eiwa System Management, Inc.

    ESM is one of the best company building Ruby/Rails application with agile way in Japan. We are maximizing client's return on investment.

  • Qiita/Kobito

    def increments; { qiita: "A technical knowledge sharing platform for programmers", kobito: "A Mac application to manage markdown notes" }; end

  • Basho Japan KK

    With Riak distributed database and Riak Cloud Storage, Basho delivers extreme stability, availability and scalability to every user.

  • Tabelog

    Tabelog is the restaurant review site in Japan. Monthly unique users are 40 million, and 800 million PV. We've been using Ruby since 2007.

  • Network Applied Communication Laboratory Ltd.

    Network Applied Communication Laboratory (NaCl) drives the Ruby programming language with Ruby creator and NaCl fellow, Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto.

  • Treasure Data

    Our cloud-based, Hadoop-as-a-Service platform offers a simple & reliable infrastructure to help you get more value out of your data quickly.

  • Akatsuki

    Akatsuki Inc. is a social gaming company that provides its engineers with a work-life balanced environment that encourages personal growth.

  • HeartRails

    HeartRails Inc. is the "Web Service Company" that offers a wide variety of web services to help your business.


    PIXTA is the Japanese leading online marketplace for royalty-free stock photos,illustrations,footage. We've been using Rails since 2011.

  • Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

    IIJ provides cloud service, "IIJ GIO" globally and develops "MOGOK" as a developer service (PaaS) using Ruby.

Silver Sponsors

  • ClearCode Inc.

    ClearCode runs free software business and contributes free softwares.

  • Enishi Tech Inc.

    We develop software in Sapporo, a beautiful provincial city in Japan.

  • EY-Office

    EY-Office is the leading provider of on-site Ruby on Rails training.

  • tmix

    We're on a mission to help people better their lives with EC.

  • Agileware Inc.

    We developed a production ready system within 3 months.

  • CodeIQ

    CodeIQ is a coding test service. Answer questions & Get a job offer!

  • Everyleaf Corporation

    We develop Rails/smartphone applications for our customers.

  • Rakuten, Inc

    Rakuten, Inc. is one of largest Internet service companies in Japan.

  • Cuon.Inc

    People make their way in life by following their hearts.

  • R-learning

    R-Learning develops Web Systems by Ruby on Rails along with YOU !

  • Tatsu-zine Publishing Inc.

    The most famous ebook publisher for software developers in Japan

  • Allied Telesis K.K.

  • Yamaha Corporation

    Yamaha, the finest in Music & Audio also manufactures Network devices.


    The unchallenged leader in interpretation service for the IT industry.

Additional Sponsors

  • Doorkeeper

    Discover more great Ruby events!

  • Misoca

    Cloud invoice management system that lets users create and send snail mail from within the browser.

Drinkup Sponsor