RubyKaigi 2013

RubyKaigi 2013


[EN] Shrink to Grow

Ruby has grown in the last 20 years. The feature-set and field of usage has increased. But also the code-size has reached an exceptional size. For many systems Ruby is nowadays to large.

To reach new systems we have to re-think the way we implement Ruby. We have to shrink Ruby to be able to grow into a new field with an army of small devices.

This talk will cover the development of mruby. The current state of the implementation and the reason why you should contribute to it.

Recorded Video

Shrink to Grow from rubykaigi on Vimeo .

Presentation Material(s)

Daniel Bovensiepen / @bovi

Daniel Bovensiepen

Siemens Ltd. China, Lead Engineer

During daytime Daniel is building Metros all around the world and empowers Ruby in areas nobody would expect it. At night he is contributing to mruby to push it to even more areas of his daily job.

Beijing, China