[EN] Going the Distance

If you've ever misspelled a word while searching on Google, you've benefitted from decades of distance algorithm development. In this talk we'll break down some popular distance measurements and see how they can be implemented in Ruby. We'll look at real world applications with some live demos. It won't matter if you get your kicks "Hamming" it up, if you drink your coffee in a "Levenshtein", or if you're new to Ruby: this talk is Rated R, for "all Rubyists". You'll be guaranteed to walk away with O(n^n) expectations met.

Recorded Video

Going the Distance from rubykaigi on YouTube .

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Richard Schneeman

Heroku, Inc.
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Ruby Task Force Member

Richard writes Ruby at Heroku and maintains When he isn't obsessively compulsively playing Starcraft 2, he writes such gems as Wicked, Sextant, and oPRO. He lives in Austin Texas where he co-organizes "Keep Ruby Weird". Richard is a member of the Rails issue team, and is married to Ruby, literally.

Austin, TX