Ruby Sponsors

  • pixiv

    Since 2007, pixiv has built an online community for creators around the mantra “It’s fun drawing”. pixiv has since used Ruby on Rails to build BOOTH (a C2C e-commerce service), pixiv comic (a site offering online digital comics/manga) and WorldCosplay (a cosplay community platform). Engineers all around the world have adopted Ruby - not just because Ruby is a superior language, but because of the immensely attractive community behind it. Just as the art on pixiv transcends language, so too does the Ruby community. We will continue to support the creators of the world, regardless of medium - code or canvas.

  • Cookpad Inc.

    Cookpad is a global technology company whose mission is to make cooking fun! Our services help people enjoy cooking daily across the world, including Japan, the USA, Spain, and Indonesia. To help us continue to deliver value to our users as fast as possible, we’re exploring ways to split up our service with techniques such as microservices architecture and the development of a global recipe platform.

  • PayPal + Braintree Developer

    The PayPal + Braintree Developer program is the face of technology innovation at PayPal. Using open source foundations in their technology stacks, PayPal is constructing new breeds of payment platforms, API standards, and identity systems to support the next generation of disruptive technology. With a focus on cross-platform and native mobile development, PayPal + Braintree Developer is empowering deeply integrated mobile commerce initiatives, providing companies with the tools they need to create rich monetization experience within their mobile businesses.

Platinum Sponsors

  • GMO Pepabo, Inc.

    GMO Pepabo, Inc. is a Tokyo and Fukuoka-based tech company that has strong advantages in technology and is providing a variety of Web services in many categories such as server hosting, E-commerce, social networking, etc., aiming to make the Internet much more fun place. It's one of the heaviest users and contributers of Ruby and Rails in Japan; in addition to its utilizing Ruby and Rails widely, it has a Ruby committer and is constantly encouraging its employees to contribute OSS, of course, including Ruby.

  • Tabelog

    Tabelog is the best way to find restaurants and review them in Japan. From 2005, Tabelog has accumulated over 5 Milion Reviews and approximately 800,000 Restaurants data. Tabelog helps "Over 50 Million People" find their best restaurant with restaurant scores based on the reviews. Not only the Restaurant Search Service, Tabelog also provides Restaurant Booking Service, Credit card Payment Service and so on. We have been developing Tabelog with Ruby since 2007. We are looking for Rubyists. Help us build further splendid service. Now you can use Tabelog in NewYork and Chicago too. Try!

  • Engine Yard

    Engine Yard is the leading cloud application management platform empowering developers and DevOps to provision, manage and monitor Ruby applications in the cloud. Engine Yard delivers a broad and trusted application cloud and expert support that enables organizations to focus on creating great applications, instead of managing their infrastructure. Thousands of customers in 58 countries, from explosive-growth Web startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, run on Engine Yard.

  • Drecom Co., Ltd.

    We are planning and developing many types of services which are focusing on a word "communication" such as, mobile contents, internet advertising, etc. Now, our core businesses are [Social games], [Ad-solutions], and [Social learning].

  • Groovenauts, Inc.

    Groovenauts helps game developers build networked mobile games that scale effortlessly with their GSS (Game Server Service) platform. GSS is a highly distributed cloud service backend that provides services essential for networked games. Groovenauts also leverages their expertise in high speed distributed systems to provide consulting services to clients beyond the game industry, helping clients to utilize their big data to develop value added services for their users. We’ve also got a great office environment where engineers with a passion for new technology and new challenges can thrive.

Special Sponsors

  • Bento

    Heroku, Inc.

    Heroku’s platform as a service allows your organization to build faster, deploy instantly and scale on demand without managing servers. Gain the flexibility to deploy any language any time and to any scale. Maintain control by isolating, running and monitoring independent processes. Heroku makes it effortless. Sign up at

  • Bento


    Wantedly, Inc. is a Tokyo based tech startup established in September 2010, which provides tools and applications to support job performance and recruitment.

  • WiFi

    DeNA Co., Ltd.

    DeNA (pronounced “D-N-A”) develops and operates a broad range of mobile and online services including games, e-commerce and distribution of entertainment content. Established in Tokyo as a small startup with the launch of an online auction service in 1999, DeNA has continuously expanded its portfolio of new business ventures that lead to the company’s new growth. As of March 2014, DeNA Group had over 2,000 employees working in offices and game development studios around the globe. DeNA Co., Ltd. is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For more information, visit:

  • Bento


    Recruit has various services which have dominant share in Japan. e.g. world's biggest job search engine at 140,000,000 UU/month. Over 500 web/application searvices etc...and we are looking for Engineers who want to impact the world with our services.

Gold Sponsors

  • Akatsuki

    At Akatsuki Inc., we are focused on enriching the world around us with the power of games. We believe in the potential that games possess and our mission is to make the world a better place through the entertainment that they provide. We dream of a society where people do not work for money but work for personal satisfaction and reflect this in our company culture. From our office in Nakameguro, we are set out to change the world.

  • Degica

    Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Degica is a leading provider of Pan-Pacific digital commerce solutions. We build and manage online businesses for software and game publishers, online retailers and distributors who are looking to establish and expand their business presence in Japan and other Asian markets, as well as all major European countries.

  • spice life Inc.

    The most important mission of spice life is "Delivery colors and happiness to your life by using our web". We provide EC sites TMIX (the top EC site of make-your-own T-shirt in Japan), SPOTLIGHTS (social flower gift service) and DECO-T (Make-your-own T-shirt mobile app) built with Rails.

  • WebPay

    WebPay is a payment platform that simplifies accepting payments in websites and mobile apps. Integration is a cinch with our simple API and integration libraries available in several languages including Ruby. We have a transparent pricing table, and a secure system where our customers don't need to process, transfer, or store credit card information.

  • Everyleaf Corporation

    We specialize in development of numerous Rails application such as groupwares for our clients. Our corporate name, "Everyleaf" comes from one of the oldest collection of Japanese poetry called "Man'yoshu" We enjoy coding and we also enjoy hosting varieties of workshops + game playing.

  • Eiwa System Management, Inc.

    ESM is one of the best company building Ruby/Rails application with agile way in Japan. We believe in Ruby and Agile because we believe in people. Our focus is to maximizing client's return on investment.

  • Ubiregi Inc.

    Ubiregi was founded in Tokyo in 2010. We provide a Point-of-Sale system for small-to-medium merchants. Alongside our iPad cash register app, we use Ruby and Rails in most components of our product, from the backend web app to the receipt printing server running on a Linux appliance.

  • MediWeb, Inc.

    MediWeb is a leading provider of medical cloud solutions, with a mission to improve healthcare services through cutting-edge ICT. Always on the lookout for the best tools and agile processes to deliver outstanding applications, MediWeb's multinational team uses Ruby not only in Rails backends, but also in embedded devices that connect to other medical systems, and in our native mobile apps.

  • Internet Initiative Japan Inc.

    MOGOK is a support platform for developing and executing Ruby on Rails,which resides on the IIJ GIO Service, a global cloud service provided by IIJ.

  • GREE, Inc.

    Established in December 2004, GREE created the world's first mobile social game in 2007 and today is a leader in free-to-play, reaching audiences worldwide with its portfolio of first-party and partner titles. Behind the scenes, GREE uses Ruby in DevOps for building internal admin tools to support its platform, including its service deployment tool and server admin tool and dashboard.

  • iQON

    iQON is a top Japanese Fashion iOS/Android App with over 1 million users that has received "BEST APP" awards from both Apple and Google. iQON runs with Ruby on Rails, and Matz works with our company as a technical advisor. VASILY,Inc

  • Miew inc.

    We support your innovation with "most edged" and "hackable" Technologies, focusing on medical and M2M realms.

Silver Sponsors

  • ClearCode Inc.

    ClearCode runs free software business and contributes to free software.

  • Agileware Inc.

    All our products are made by Ruby on Rails. Let's make Agile Web development together.

  • CrowdWorks

    CrowdWorks is Japan’s No.1 crowdsourcing service. More than 190,000 engineers and creators have already signed up from all over Japan in just two years.

  • Enishi Tech Inc.

    We develop software in Sapporo, a beautiful provincial city in Japan.

  • R-learning

    R-learning develops Web Systems by Ruby on Rails along with YOU !

  • Rakuten, Inc.

    Rakuten, Inc. is one of the largest Internet service companies in Japan. We aim to become a truly global Internet service company.

  • YassLab

    Having a Good Life with OpenSource.

  • Forkwell Jobs

    Forkwell Jobs is a job information site for developers that love technology with more than 50 Ruby jobs.

  • KAYAC Inc.

    KAYAC - creating and connecting fun from Kamakura

  • PIXTA Inc.

    PIXTA is the Japanese leading online marketplace for royalty-free stock photos,illustrations,footage. We've been using Rails since 2011.

  • EY-Office

    EY-Office is the leading provider of on-site Ruby on Rails training

  • cloud accounting software freee

    We are providing cloud accounting software, freee. freee can be easily integrated in small business such as sole proprietor without any knowledge of bookkeeping.

  • CodeIQ

    CodeIQ is practical skills evaluation service for IT engineers who want to know their ability. Let's challenge for Interesting question in CodeIQ site!

  • Nekojarashi Inc.

    We provide three specialized cloud services, a file sharing service that is easy to use, a cloud storage service for Mac users and a cloud backup service compatible with multi platform.

  • Space Market, Inc.

    Space Market is the market place that provides unique spaces (temples, theaters and public bath, for example) for study sessions of Ruby!!

Additional Sponsors

  • Doorkeeper

    Discover more great Ruby events!

  • Misoca

    Cloud invoice management system that lets users create and send snail mail from within the browser.

  • Yamaha Corporation.

    Yamaha, the finest in Music & Audio also manufactures Network devices.