Many projects rely on command-line tools to provide an efficient and powerful interface to work.

Building tools for everyone can be difficult, because of conflicting environment or OS.

How can we build command-line apps that work for everyone and still write Ruby?

This talk will discuss how to use mruby-cli to build cross-platform apps in Ruby.

Our goal will be to build a CLI app using mruby and produce a self-contained binary that can be shipped to end users.

Since mruby is designed to be embedded and statically compiled, it's also really good at packaging ruby code.

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Terence Lee
Terence Lee
Terence leads Heroku’s Ruby Task Force curating the Ruby experience on the platform. He's worked on some OSS projects such as Ruby (the language), mruby, Bundler, Resque, as well as helping with the Rails Girls movement. When he’s not going to an awesome Heroku or Ruby event, he lives in Austin, TX, the taco capital of America. Terence loves Friday hugs, EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! Give him a big one when you see him! In addition to hugs, he believes in getting people together for #rubykaraoke.
Call me zee zak. Committed to ruby, rails, sinatra, and mruby; likes cats, ramen, and 日本酒. Made in Vermont, shade-grown and organic.