Travis CI found itself growing a great SaaS product, when Enterprise users began unexpectedly asking to use our product on-premise. Our small team had to quickly understand:

The maintenance implications for different ways to package our app.
How to provide enterprise customers great support, despite the new constraints.
How to prioritize Enterprise-specific features.

This talk is the story of how we added an Enterprise offering to our existing hosted Continuous Integration service, the bumps we hit along the way, and what we would do differently now.

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Josh Kalderimis
Josh Kalderimis
Coder turned Post-It manager by day, craft beer and karaoke legend by night. Hailing from New Zealand, Josh has been with Travis CI since the beginning, when shite shirts and onsies were barely thought about. Now he helps place post-it notes on carefully crafted product roadmaps, while listening to the best German polka music available.