Ruby (MRI) 2.2 compiles Ruby scripts into bytecode (instruction sequences) at run time. This approach is simple, but has several problems such as overhead of compile time. We are working on making an Ahead of Time compiler which compiles Ruby script before executing the script. This compiler will help to reduce boot time and to reduce memory consumption on multiple Ruby processes. In this presentation, we will introduce the compiler and that mechanism.

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Koichi Sasada
Koichi Sasada
Koichi Sasada is a programmer, mainly developing Ruby interpreter (CRuby/MRI). He received Ph.D (Information Science and Technology) from the University of Tokyo, 2007. He became a faculty of University of Tokyo (Assistant associate 2006-2008, Assistant professor 2008-2012). After the 13 years life in university, now, he is a member of Matz's team in Heroku, Inc. He is also a director of Ruby Association.