This talk describes about the history of testing framework in Ruby.

Ruby 2.2 bundles two testing frameworks. They are minitest and test-unit. Do you know why two testing frameworks are bundled? Do you know that test-unit was bundled and then removed from Ruby distribution? If you can't answer these questions and you're interested in testing framework, this talk will help you.

This talk describes about the history of bundled testing framework in Ruby and some major testing frameworks for Ruby in chronological order.

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Kouhei Sutou
Kouhei Sutou
He is a free software programmer and the president of ClearCode Inc. He is also the namer of ClearCode Inc. The origin of the company name is "clear code". We will be programmers that code clear code as our company name suggests. He is interested in how to tell other programmers about how he codes clear code. He is the current maintainer of test-unit gem. This talk is based on his experience.