Developer happiness is what brought me to Ruby in the first place. And of all the new compiled languages, Crystal is the only one that shares this value. The syntax and idioms are entirely Ruby inspired.

Although Crystal looks very similar to Ruby, there are big differences between the two. Crystal is statically typed and dispatched. While there are no runtime dynamic features, the compile-time macros solve many of the same problems.

In this session, we’ll take a close look at these differences as well as the similarities, and what Ruby developers can learn from this exciting language.

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Will Leinweber
Will Leinweber
Will started out as a normal, happy web developer. But over the last several years building Heroku Postgres and related projects, he's turned into a normal, curmudgeonly infrastructure developer. Despite this, he's been unexpectedly drawn to Crystal, but it's no surprise his main project is a Postgres driver…