• Juanito Fatas

    Update Early, Update Often

    Juanito Fatas
    Juanito Fatas joined Jolly Good Code in 2014 as one of their first engineering hires. He loves Emoji, an amateur translator, hacks on https://www.deppbot.com and contribute to Open Source frequently. He spent most of his time producing typos, checking spellings and deciding which Emoji to use every day.
  • Kouta Kariyado

    Automating View Internationalization in Ruby on Rails

    Kouta Kariyado
    Kota Kariyado is currently a senior student at the Software Laboratory (directed by Martin Dürst) of the Department of Integrated Information Science, College of Science and Engineering, Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan. Kota's main fields of interests are Ruby, Web Applications, and Internationalization.
  • Yuki Kurihara

    A new testing framework Rgot

    Yuki Kurihara
    King Size Sound System
  • Arkadiusz Turlewicz

    Building an Unbreakable MRI-based Embedded Computer Appliance

    Arkadiusz Turlewicz
    Arek Turlewicz loves Ruby, Ruby-on-Rails, Docker, and Linux. He is currently working at MediWeb here in Tokyo, where he develops web applications for healthcare, using cutting edge technology.
  • zunda

    Do you trust that certificate?

  • Takashi Kokubun

    How I debugged debugger

    Takashi Kokubun
    I'm an author of faster Haml implementation called Hamlit. I work for CookpadInc. https://github.com/k0kubun/hamlit
  • namusyaka

    Padrino Travel Guide

    Padrino Framework maintainer, Infrastructure Engineer at DWANGO Co., Ltd. Loves Rack, Sinatra and Padrino.
  • Lin Yu Hsiang

    What I learned by implementing a Ruby VM in Erlang

    Lin Yu Hsiang
    Head of Algorithm at SpoonRocket. Creator of Livehouse.in(beta).Ruby lover. Full-stack developer. iOS developer. FP lover.
  • joker1007

    Rubygemsで作るお手軽データ分析基盤 〜あるいは 私はどうやって他人の褌で相撲を取ったか〜

    Freelance Rails Programmer.
  • Tadashi Saito


    Tadashi Saito
    A mere rubyist who uses Ruby for 15 years. His proposal was adopted in Ruby Association Grant of this year.
  • Pilar Huidobro

    The Mythical Creatures of Summer of Code

    Pilar Huidobro
    Pilar is a media informatics student and part-time developer, aiming to make people happy with tech. She spends her time creating art, playing video games, obsessing over code, taming puppies and above all, making people fall in love with tech.

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