The news is everywhere: some weird disease makes the dead walking. We do not know yet if it is highly contagious. What should we do? What we do everyday: writing code.

This couldn't be a better moment to use an agent based model — a technique that simulates interactions between agents in a environment to understand their effects as a whole. For such, we'll visit its minimal Ruby implementation, address some common design, simulate the Zombie epidemic, visualize it, and test different survival strategies to hopefully find the best one.

We can code, we'll be prepared ... or not.

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Christophe Philemotte
Christophe Philemotte
Christophe is the founder of PullReview, an automated code review for Ruby and Rails developers. He is a Ruby and C++ developer. When he's not writing code disease simulators or PullReview, Christophe helps others with development challenges, writes at the PullReview blog, (co)organises several Belgian Ruby events (Belgian Ruby User Group, Ruby Burgers, Rails Girls Brussels, Ruby Devroom Fosdem, RubyCamp), and likes to talk at conferences and user groups.