Does this happen to you?
You were developing web application with Ruby on Rails, but somehow you ended up writing front-end in JavaScript.
Ruby on Rails seemed very cool to me! And Rubyists are always happy to build applications with it!
However, front-end development is becoming important today.
Then I found Opal, and my dream of writing Ruby on the front-end is possible!
Recently, React.js, a kind of Virtual DOM, has become very popular in the front-end community.
It's not only intended for front-end web, there is also ReactNative for other platforms too.
I think many Rubyists are still lost, so I created a Virtual DOM implementation in Ruby called Hyalite.
All right, Opal, Hyalite ... tools have been gathered. Let's build web applications on server-side and front-end with Ruby!

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Yoh Osaki Software engineer in Ubiregi inc.