Martin J. Dürst
Martin J. Dürst
Martin is a Professor of Computer Science at Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan. He has been one of the main drivers of Internationalization (I18N) and the use of Unicode on the Web and the Internet. He published the first proposals for DNS I18N and NFC character normalization, and is the main author of the W3C Character Model and the IRI specification (RFC 3987). Since 2007, he and his students have contributed to the implementation of Ruby, mostly in the area of I18N.

Ups and Downs of Ruby Internationalization

Currently many of Ruby's String methods, such as upcase and downcase, are limited to ASCII and ignore the rest of the world. This is finally going to change in Ruby 2.4, where this functionality will be extended to cover full Unicode. You will get to know what will change, how your programs may be affected, and how these changes are implemented behind the scenes. We will also look at the overall state of internationalization functionality in Ruby, and potential future directions.

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