Julian Cheal
Julian Cheal
A British Ruby/Rails developer, with a penchant for tweed, fine coffee, and homebrewing. When not deploying enterprise clouds, I help organise fun events around the world that teach people to program flying robots. I also occasionally speak at international conferences on the intersection of programming and robotics.

It's More Fun to Compute

Come with us now on a journey through time and space. As we explore the world of analog/digital synthesis. From computer generated music to physical synthesisers and everything in between.

So you want to write music with code, but don’t know the difference between an LFO, ADSR, LMFAO, etc. Or a Sine wave, Saw wave, Google wave. We’ll explore what these mean, and how Ruby can be used to make awesome sounds. Ever wondered what Fizz Buzz sounds like, or which sounds better bubble sort or quick sort? So hey Ruby, let’s make music!

Recorded video