Petr Chalupa
Petr Chalupa
He is a core maintainer of concurrent-ruby, where he has contributed concurrent abstractions and a synchronisation layer, providing volatile and atomic instance variables. He is part of the team working on JRuby+Truffle Ruby implementation at Oracle Labs. He is a happy Ruby user for 10 years.

Who reordered my code?!

There is a hidden problem waiting as Ruby becomes 3x faster and starts to support parallel computation - reordering by JIT compilers and CPUs.

In this talk, we’ll start by trying to optimize a few simple Ruby snippets. We’ll play the role of a JIT and a CPU and order operations as the rules of the system allow. Then we add a second thread to the snippets and watch it as it breaks horribly.

In the second part, we’ll fix the unwanted reorderings by introducing a memory model to Ruby. We’ll discuss in detail how it fixes the snippets and how it can be used to write faster code for parallel execution.

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