An 8 y.o. Rubyist, Hashicorp freak, DevOps enthusiast, system programming novice. One of the writers of books "Perfect Ruby" / "Perfect Ruby on Rails" (both in Japanese). He lives in Fukuoka - the "coast" city of "west" Japan, works at GMO Pepabo, Inc. as SRE/R&D/Dev Productivity Engineer, and holds Fukuoka.rb local meetup. He also is a organizer of RailsGirls Fukuoka #1.

Welcome to haconiwa - the (m)Ruby on Container

In the current tech scene, many developers use so-called Container-based virtualization such as Docker or LXC.

The speaker will talk about Linux container technologies and his tools. He develops haconiwa (, a tool helping developers combine container features such as cgroup, namespaces and capabilities which they want to use.

The speaker has about 2 years experiences on Docker (in-house CI basis) and LXC (PaaS service). The talk has background of (some) issues found in these experiences, and includes why he's creating a new container in Ruby and why he switched to *m*ruby.

Presentation Material

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