Yoh Osaki
Yoh Osaki
Software engineer at Ubiregi inc. Author of Hyalite which is react like virtual DOM library. Member of Asakusa.rb, Chidoriashi.rb

Isomorphic web programming in Ruby

Last year at RubyKaigi, I introduced Hyalite, a virtual DOM implemented in Ruby.
Hyalite allows Rubyists to write front and back-end code in Ruby, an approach that has proven to provide many benefits. Using a single language across an application stack is sometimes referred to as isomorphic programming.
This talk introduces a new framework for isomorphic programming with the Opal: Menilite.
Menilite shares model code between the server side and the client side by marshalling objects and storing them in the database automatically.
As a result, code duplication is reduced and APIs are no longer a necessity.
Isomorphic programming can significantly accelerate your progress on a project; I sincerely hope you find it helpful in developing web applications.
Menilite aims to expand the playing field for the Ruby language, a language optimized for developer happiness. I'm sure you will agree that we will find even more happiness by bringing Ruby to the front-end as well.

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