Chris Seaton
Chris Seaton
Chris is a Researcher (Senior Staff Engineer) at Shopify, where he works on the Ruby programming Language, and a Visitor at the University of Manchester. He was formerly a Research Manager at the Oracle Labs Virtual Machine Research Group, where he led the TruffleRuby implementation of Ruby, and worked on other language and virtual machine projects. Before this he completed a PhD at Manchester where he researched programming languages and irregular parallelism.
The Future Shape of Ruby Objects

TruffleRuby uses an optimisation called object shapes to optimise Ruby. It automatically learns and understands the layout and types, or the shape, of your objects as your code is running and optimises code to work better with those shapes. As the community tries to make MRI faster, it could be time to adopt object shapes there as well. We’ll talk about what TruffleRuby does, how it does it, and the benefits it achieves in practice.

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