I use "Aotokitsuruay" as my ID in Taiwan open source community. I am the technical director at 5xRuby Co., Ltd. and the co-founder at Open Unlight. As an active member of the open-source community, I have a lot of talks, experience in the Ruby language, and have contributed to the Ruby source code. Have development experience of the global logistics system, mobile game server, streaming video system, security training system, and IoT.
It is time to build your mruby VM on the microcontroller?

In 2020, I find a mini-arcade maker product that uses ESP8622 and MicroPython. Since I know the mruby/c can run on the ESP32 but it doesn't support running on the ESP8622. Is it possible to implement our own mruby VM and execute Ruby on any microcontroller we want to use it? This talk will show my progress to run a simple mruby script on the ESP8622 by implementing my own small mruby VM.

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