Benoit Daloze
Benoit Daloze
Benoit Daloze is the TruffleRuby lead. He has contributed to many Ruby implementations, including MRI, TruffleRuby and JRuby. He is the maintainer of ruby/spec, a test suite for the behavior of the Ruby programming language.
Josef Haider
Josef Haider
Josef Haider is the creator and maintainer of TRegex, a regular expression engine used in TruffleRuby and other Truffle languages.
Just-in-Time Compiling Ruby Regexps on TruffleRuby

TruffleRuby together with Truffle Regex can now execute Ruby Regexps up to 40 times faster than CRuby! This is possible by just-in-time compiling Ruby Regexps to machine code by using Truffle Regex, a Truffle language for regular expressions. Truffle Regex uses finite-state machines, a much faster alternative to backtracking regexp engines. Because of the unique capability of GraalVM to inline across languages, the Ruby code and the Regexp are optimized and compiled together for ultimate performance.

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