Mike Dalessio
Mike Dalessio
Mike has been contributing to Ruby open source since 2006, most notably as the maintainer of Nokogiri. He's currently working at Shopify helping lead the Ruby and Rails Infrastructure team, and previously helped lead the Cloud Foundry open source PaaS project for VMware and Pivotal. He likes coffee, intimate chats, and long walks, and has been known to combine all three.
Building Native Extensions. This Could Take A While...

"Native gems" contain pre-compiled libraries for a specific machine architecture, removing the need to compile the C extension or to install other system dependencies. This leads to a much faster and more reliable installation experience for programmers.

This talk will provide a deep look at the techniques and toolchain used to ship native versions of Nokogiri and other rubygems with C extensions. Gem maintainers will learn how to build native versions of their own gems, and developers will learn how to use and deploy pre-compiled packages.

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