Sutou Kouhei
Sutou Kouhei
He is a free software programmer and the president of ClearCode Inc. He is also the namer of ClearCode Inc. The origin of the company name is "clear code". We will be programmers that code clear code as our company name suggests. He is interested in how to tell other programmers about how he codes clear code.
Red Arrow - Ruby and Apache Arrow

To use Ruby for data processing widely, Apache Arrow support is important. We can do the followings with Apache Arrow:

  • Super fast large data interchange and processing
  • Reading/writing data in several famous formats such as CSV and Apache Parquet
  • Reading/writing partitioned large data on cloud storage such as Amazon S3

This talk describes the followings:

  • What is Apache Arrow
  • How to use Apache Arrow with Ruby
  • How to integrate with Ruby 3.0 features such as MemoryView and Ractor

Presentation Material

Recorded video