Yusuke Endoh
Yusuke Endoh
'A full-time MRI committer at Cookpad Inc. He has been interested in testing, analyzing, abusing of Ruby. He is an advocate of "transcendental programming" that creates a useless program like this bio. (`_`)'.yield_self{|s|eval(t=%q(puts"'#{s.sub(?_,?_+?_)}'.yield_self{|s|eval(t=%q(#{t}))}"))}
TypeProf for IDE: Enrich Dev-Experience without Annotations

Ruby 3.0 comes bundled with TypeProf, a code analysis tool that doesn't require so many type annotations. Its primary goal is to create type signatures for existing Ruby programs and help users to apply some external type checkers like Steep. Since the release, we have made an effort to adapt TypeProf to an integrated development environment (IDE), which allows users to enjoy many features supported in an IDE, such as browsing method type signatures inferred on the fly, find definition, find references, error checking, etc. We demonstrate TypeProf for IDE, and present its roadmap.

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