Kenta Murata
Kenta Murata
A full-time OSS developer at Speee Inc. I'm a committer of Apache Arrow and CRuby. I'm currently focusing on making Ruby a data-science-ready programming language.
Charty: Statistical data visualization in Ruby

Have you ever thought it would be better to make stylish charts by Ruby for daily data visualization tasks that sometimes occur? I will make that wish come true! Using Charty, you can do it by Ruby.

Charty makes statistical data visualization easier. If you want to put error bars in a bar plot, you must calculate the mean and the 95% confidence interval before plotting. Charty performs these calculations instead of you. Moreover, Charty can recognize many data types as table data and supports files, Jupyter Notebook, JupyerLab, VSCode, and a terminal emulator as the output destination.

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