Peter Zhu
Peter Zhu
Peter is a Ruby core committer and Production Engineer at Shopify. He is passionate about open-source software and is fascinated by the unknown.
Matt Valentine-House
Matt Valentine-House
Matt has been working with Ruby in various capacities since 2007, but hasn't previously ventured behind the scenes into it's implementation. He is currently a Senior Developer at Shopify working in the Ruby Infrastructure team. When he's not scratching his head over segmentation faults he can be found brewing beer and building mechanical keyboards.
Variable Width Allocation: Optimizing Ruby's Memory Layout

Ruby’s current memory model assumes all objects live in fixed size slots. This means that object data is often stored outside of the Ruby heap, which has implications: an object's data can be scattered across many locations, increasing complexity and causing poor locality resulting in reduced efficiency of CPU caches.

Join us as we explore how our Variable Width Allocation project will move system heap memory into Ruby heap memory, reducing system heap allocations and giving us finer control of the memory layout to optimize for performance.

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